New Mexico

Closure of “Non-Essential” Businesses; Recommendation to Stay at Home

On March 23, 2020, Department of Health Cabinet Secretary Kathyleen Kunkel issued a Public Health Emergency Order directing the closure of all “non-essential” businesses, as defined, and that “New Mexico citizens should stay at home and undertake only those outings absolutely necessary for their health, safety, or welfare.

Moratorium on Post-Judgment Remedies

On June 5, 2020, the New Mexico Supreme Court issued Order No. 20-8500-021 prohibiting the clerks of court from issuing “any new post-judgment writs of garnishment or writs of execution under Rules 1-065.1, 1-065.2, 2-801, 2-802, 3-801, and 3-802 as they pertain to consumer debt collection cases.” The order will remain in effect until amended or withdrawn.