Rhode Island

Business Restrictions

On March 22, Gov. Raimondo issued Executive Order 20-08 substantially restricting the operations of restaurants, bars, and dining and social establishments and personal service establishments, such as beauty salons. Other businesses are to have staff work from home if they “can work from home.”

Court Emergency

The Supreme Court of Rhode Island has suspended trials of non-emergent matters and “all other matters in all courts within the unified judicial system shall be continued until after April 17, 2020.” See Executive Order No. 2020-04 for further details.


There is no general tolling. Instead, “[r]equests for extensions to applicable statutes of limitations necessitated by the current health crisis shall be entertained by the respective courts after thirty (30) calendar days from the date of this Order [March 17, 2020]. Where available, parties and their counsel should continue to utilize the electronic filing system for appropriate and timely filings.” See Executive Order No. 2020-04 for further details.